Warenlagerung und Gtertransport // logistics and shipping

Quality continuously

We specialize in the sale, storage and distribution of alcohol and glycol.
Our premises are totally secure and protect the environment.
Our facilities and our dedicated fleet of vehicles are specially designed for handling and transporting our products.

packaging solutions IBC, ANTI-UV, ATEX and STANDART.

We offer a wide range of products, possess global certifications that meet the strictest French and international legislative standards. (Ecocert / raw materiel Organic cosmetics / kosher / halal / SQAS / ICPE)

We offer our customers a solution to their demands by combining responsiveness and quality of service.

Contact Service Control: 04 93 70 24 31

We offer the following products packaged in: 10L, 20L, 200L, 1000L and deliveries are made in tanks dedicated to: 2000L 30 000L.

Alcool surfin 96%

Alcool surfin 99.9%

Alcool éthylique REN

Alcool parfumerie 96% + 0.5% PE

Alcool parfumerie 96% + 1% PE

Alcool parfumerie 96% + BITREX

Alcool parfumerie 99.9% + 0.5% PE

Alcool pharmacie 90%

Alcool 70%

Eau Osmosée

Alcools dénaturés

Alcool de céréales