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ISNARD CHEMISTRY puts at your disposal a wide range of products dedicated to the perfume, chemical, pharmaceutical and the food industry. Our premises are perfectly designed, protective of the environment and secure for handling products, storage and distribution in adapted packaging.

Our facilities and our dedicated fleet of vehicles are specially designed for handling and transportation of our products.

We offer our customers a solution to their needs by combining responsiveness and quality of service.

We supply the products of the very best European producers, we can offer the following products packaged in: 10L, 20L, 200L, 1000L
As well as tank deliveries dedicated to: 2000L to 30000L.

The efficiency of our logistics department can meet your orders in a very short time.

Contact Service Control: 04 93 70 96 96

We distribute the following products:

Acétate Isoamyl

Acétate Iso-nonyl


Benzoate de Methyle

Benzoate d’éthyle



Dioctyl adipate



N-Hexyl Acétate

Phtalate de Méthyle

Phtalate d’éthyle (PG)

Phtalate d’éthyle (STD)


Triacetine H

Triacétine synthétique

Triethyl Citrate